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For the new season


Bénéficiez de l’ensemble des produits de la gamme, pour un entretien optimal des piscines et des spas.

Net’Skim® is a hygienic, disposable pre-filter for basket skimmers. It makes basket maintenance easier and, at the same time, preserves the pump. Thanks to its double fixture system; fastener and elastic, installation is easy and efficiency is maximal.

Water Lily® is an absorber of oily substances which purifies and protects the waterline. Manufactured with a specially-treated, microfiber material, it absorbs and retains sun creams and oils as well as residue from atmospheric pollution.

Pool’Gom® is not only a particularly efficient eraser for cleaning the waterline but also for giving sparkle to other plastic materials: pool stairs and covers, patio furniture, etc.

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