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The cleaning gel for the waterline


Net’Line® is a degreasing and descaling cleaning product for the waterline; its gel texture makes it easier to apply, and it results in a clean waterline throughout the season.

  • Liner
  • Tiling, ceramics
  • Polyester


The waterline becomes stained in 2 ways, each with specific properties: lime deposits (pool water), and oily or sticky deposits from atmospheric pollution, sunscreens or tanning oils, etc.

Net’Line® is a 2-in-1 product that both descales and degreases, and since its composition is adapted for each type of deposit, the product performs very well in making any type of stain on the waterline disappear.


Net’Line®, because it comes in a Doypack (flexible pouch) and is a gel, is practical and economical. It’s practical because of its small size and the Doypack is easy to open and close with its child-proof cap (ISO 8317 standard). It’s economical because it can be applied directly to the area to be cleaned and it lasts, unlike liquid products, which result in significant product loss.

Professional packaging:
Net’Line® display stand with 20 Doypacks

Professional packaging:
Net’Line® display stand with 20 Doypacks


Apply Net’Line® directly to wet pool walls and let it operate for a few minutes. If necessary, scrub with a natural sponge then rinse thoroughly.

Usage tips
Dampen the sponge or cloth

Scrub the surface to be cleaned

Frequently asked questions

We have persistent lime deposits on our waterline and have tried many products, but without success. How is Net’Line® more effective?

Net’Line® underwent several months of development by our Research and Development team, which noted the following: there are 2 major types of stains on the waterline. The first comes from lime deposits or scaling (pool water), while the second comes from the oily residue caused by people using the pool as well as by the environment (urban area, vegetation). The cleaning product therefore had to be both descaling and degreasing.
Many products on the market provide a solution specific to each type of problem: ONE descaling solution and ONE degreasing solution, requiring that the user clearly identify the type of stain and then often buy BOTH products.
Net’Line®, thanks to its specific composition, very effectively attacks both types of stains with a SINGLE product.

Beaucoup de produits du marché proposent une solution spécifique pour chacune des typologies, UNE solution détartrante et UNE dégraissante, ce qui nécessite, de la part de l’utilisateur, d’identifier clairement la nature des salissures et souvent de se procurer les DEUX produits.

Net’Line®, grâce à sa composition spécifique, attaque très efficacement les 2 types d’encrassements, avec UN seul produit.

Why use a gel texture?

A gel texture provides the same results as any other liquid product with the same properties, but has several advantages:
– practical: ease of use, direct and long-lasting application of the product to the area to be cleaned
– economical: no waste, use of the optimal quantity
Thanks to its gel texture, Net’Line’s yield is significantly greater than what was found in liquid products.

Why package it in a Doypack?

The majority of the products on the market are packaged in cans or bottles, which are not very practical to use. TOUCAN PRODUCTIONS is innovating with more practical and attractive packaging: a Doypack, which is easy to carry, open and close, as well as its 300-ml capacity and gel texture, makes for an effective and economical cleaning product.


How do you use Net’Line®?

It’s very easy: you simply have to apply Net’Line® directly to the wet pool walls and allow it to operate for a few minutes; then, if necessary, scrub it with a natural sponge then rinse thoroughly.


How can you prove to me it works?

Net’Line® was created at the request of users who were looking for an effective 2-in-1 cleaning product, and it represents an alternative to Pool’Gom®.
Because this product underwent many hours of Research and Development, just like the other products in the line-up, we are very sure of its future success!

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