Frequently asked questions

Why is the eraser Pool’Gom® so efficient?

Its special patented composition is a highl-performance product adapted to cleaning the waterline as well as the other plastic items around the pool.

Why is it called an eraser and not a sponge?

Once dampened, Pool’Gom® is used as an eraser, in other words, simply rubbing it on a surface guarantees results. You’ll notice that the Pool’Gom disintegrates like an eraser which explains its exceptional efficiency.

What types of surfaces can Pool’Gom® be used on ?

All the surfaces in and around your pool area: liners, tiles, fiberglass, stairs, shutters, covers, plastic patio furniture, etc.
However, Pool’Gom® is an abrasive product so for varnished or delicate surfaces, we suggest doing a spot test on a hidden area beforehand – don’t use it on the finish of your car for example.

How long does a Pool’Gom® eraser last?

Pool’Gom® disintegrates according to the extent it is used, the porosity of the surface it is used on and the amount of grime build-up.

What proof do I have that it works?

Consumers’ testimonies of satisfaction!
Once you’ve tried Pool’Gom®, you’ll be hooked. Its easy use and exceptional results make it an indispensable tool in the world of pools.


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