Easy Pool’Gom


Why is the Easy Pool’Gom® so efficient?

Easy Pool’Gom® stands out from other products on the off-the-shelf thanks to its round ergonomic handle, offering greater cleaning efficiency and much more practical than conventional handles. Its silicone finish offers an excellent grip. Its distinctive water-drop shape facilitates access to the corners of the pool, and its hard-wearing eraser is thick (2.5 cm) and large (8 x 10 cm).

Can the Easy Pool’Gom® reach into the corners of the pool?

Its original format like a water drop makes for easy access in the corners of the pool, where stubborn marks and dirt often accumulate.

Why is it called an eraser rather than a sponge?

Once dampened, Easy Pool’Gom® is used as an eraser, in other words, with a repeated back and forth motion, which guarantees optimal results. The product breaks down like an eraser, which explains it exceptional efficiency.

Are Easy Pool’Gom® refills available?

The Easy Pool’Gom® is sold with one eraser, and refills are available and sold individually.

What surfaces can the Easy Pool’Gom® be used on?

All surfaces: liners, tiles, earthenware, polyester, shutters, pool covers, etc..
However, Easy Pool’Gom® is abrasive, so we recommend doing spot tests on a hidden area first.

How long does Easy Pool’Gom® last?

The Easy Pool’Gom® is an expendable item. Its service life depends on the surface to be cleaned, its porosity and how dirty it is.


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